Intelligent switch and LED lighting

With LED lighting into a new chapter, LED lighting has been widely used in public places, then how to make public lighting to achieve intelligent control, the purpose is to reduce the waste of resources and protection of lamps, has become a question to be considered. Photoelectric sensor can solve this problem, it can help LED lights to achieve intelligent open and close, it can be sensed by the object and automatically switch, it can adjust the LED light time and brightness, and even light cold light switch, To the light atmosphere.


Color sensors, infrared sensors, photosensors three sensors, home lighting design is the most important, because they can be free to control, easy to use, so many in many home design more choices.


Infrared sensor switch

Photosensitive sensor applications

Photoelectric sensor is relatively simple electronic devices are photosensitive resistors, it can change through the light and shade, the output of weak electrical signals, and then through the electronic circuit to achieve amplification, you can control the automatic switch LED lights. This technology is often used in remote lighting, such as street lights, garden lights, lawn lights, so that both beautiful and economical results.


Infrared sensor switch
Infrared sensors in the LED industry has been complementary for many years. Infrared sensor is not 360 degrees detection, so you can zoom through the convex lens angle, can only monitor the mobile heat source. The use of the method is to open a small hole in the LED downlight side, the installation of infrared pyroelectric sensor, it detects the signal through the amplification process, you can automatically turn on and off LED downlight to achieve energy saving.