Warmly congratulate SHENZHEN ANGXUN ELECTRONICS COMPANY LTD passed ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification

August 29, 2017, our company received the Secretary for quality certification bodies issued by the quality management system certification notice, marking the Division I passed ISO9001: 2015 version of the quality management system certification work.
To further standardize the company production, research, sales operations process, effective control of risk, improve investment income, the formation of standardized management, standardized management model, the company from the strategic point of view, from April 2017 to import ISO9001 quality management system. And passed the China Quality Certification Center on the ISO9001 quality management system certification and audit, in August 29, 2017 received the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
SHENZHEN ANGXUN ELECTRONICS COMPANY LTD Main G4 LED bulb, G9 LED bulb, E, BA series LED bulbs, LED bulbs are high-quality LED high brightness LED and long life LED,We believe that the establishment and implementation of quality management system will help the company to continuously improve the quality of management level, in the market competition to establish a good corporate image and credibility of the company's long-term development is of great significance. In August 2017 the company further put forward the general idea of ​​quality work: earnestly implement the IS9001 quality system, revise and improve the rules and regulations, standardize the quality supervision behavior, promote the quality management construction, through the quality system of serious study, the company's production and management work The success of the results, in strict accordance with the IS9001 quality standards, high quality and efficient completion of production, and civilized, high quality, integrity of the service concept, do the company's service work, by customers at home and abroad alike. Quality system audit work smoothly, means that the company in strengthening the internal standardization of management, enhance service awareness, improve product quality with a more scientific and standardized management system protection; at the same time enhance the company's competitiveness in the market, will further enhance customer service , Establish a brand image, to provide more effective protection for the company to develop a good and fast laid a solid foundation.
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