G4 led bulb lamp and G9 led light What does it mean, what is the difference?

G4 led bulb

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1. First, precisely, G4 and G9 refers to the different types of light bulbs (lamp beads) pin type, G on behalf of two or more pins lamp holder, led lighting hotel, and this is used in the lamp It refers to the bulb pins categories; distance and outer distance, behind the standard method 4 or 9 or 5.3,6.35
are all referring to the center point between the pins with calipers measure after two pins together can be divided by 2, the amount of simple point just what the ruler than the amount of feet of the center of what came out very far and .4mm 9mm, a random amount will know.

2. For now crystal lamps are mostly used in the G4 led bulb or G9, AW LED, very obvious difference between the two, the most fundamental difference is that the G4 can only do low voltage, LED lighting business, LED lighting business, because the pins too close, so if your lights are G4, then there will be the transformer lamp ceiling plate! Now G9 only do high pressure, that is, if your lamp is G9 light of the above, you will not have a transformer! This great distinction.
3.G4 from the appearance of the two pins are like needle like pins, of course, it is small compared to the volume of the bulb, and the pins G9 are like two oval ring pins, not the same as the needle pins. Of course, the volume is also slightly larger.
  4. For a regular fixture manufacturers concerned, according to national standards, led commercial lighting, business information, regardless of which national standards are to be posted Watt label (or called standard lamp), the requirement is to be attached to the customer mounted lamp or change a light bulb when we must be very easy to see the place, shop lighting, LED ceiling light, LED lamp, usually attached to the vicinity of the cap. Of course, some manufacturers for many head crystal classes may not have posted there for each head, led indoor lighting, but also to put up a minimum of. If one did not stick if you buy just three products almost. If there is, then you look at the label is written above the number of volts? Because you can only do low voltage, and are generally made of the G4 12V, lighting products, lighting project, and for the G9, word of mouth, because only now do high pressure, so it should be written about 220V.
5. Also, if you buy light bulbs attached was there, then you except as I said above, the distinction between the bulb should be also printed above the parameter markers fishes, shop lighting, such as writing a 12V 20W or wrote 220V 40W like a light bulb on a word not see the light bulb can look at other word, if not all of the printing, then you buy a quality lamp too not guaranteed. In fact, for G4 bulbs are also called the JC bulb (refer to the balloon halogen bulb).
6. Again, a reminder to buy replacement bulbs, in addition to pay attention to the model to be rated the same as outside, the lamp power is not greater than the rated power, the green light, such as light bulbs G4 is equipped with a transformer, if Replacing the bulbs than the rated transformer is large, then it can not afford, it is likely to cause the transformer burned.